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Chia & Thyme Face Oil Polish


Our infused face & neck oil is a daily rejuvenating support formula with 100 percent high-purity, sustainably-sourced, organic herbal infused Jojoba and Argan Oil. It's a very light skin nourishing face oil, that won't leave your face feeling heavy nor too oily. It absorbs nicely and quickly into the Skin.

  • It is designed to rejuvenate, hydrate and moisturize.
  • Ingredients: Organics Oils Of; Jojoba, Hemp Seed, Sweet Almond, Avocado, Tamanu, Neem, Chia Seed, Argan, Vitamin E. Essential Oils Of; Thyme, Lavender, Clary Sage, Lime, Galbanum, Frankincense, Chamomile.
  • Directions: Gently cleanse skin before application, leaving skin slightly damp. Apply 4 to 6 drops to your face and neck area (or anywhere your skin needs extra hydration) using gentle circular motions.

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