Why Chose Cleansing Oil & How To Properly Cleanse

Cleansing is a crucial part of our daily skincare routine, it’s the finest way to eliminate the dead skin cells on your face and solve major skin complications in just a few steps.

Oil cleansing is becoming dermatologists’ favorite with every passing day. Although it gets people skeptical, nowadays, cleansing oils are growing in popularity due to their amazing benefits. You can find several cleansing oils in drugstores, but that does not mean that you opt for anyone.

Cleansing oils are extremely hydrating as compared to other cleansers. Furthermore, the cleansing oils do not contain a lot of surfactants that make them the best choice for your skin. Surfactants are harsh on the skin, and therefore, they should be avoided at all costs (try to stick with all natural formulas).

Cleansing oils are the best option for a proper skin cleanse, especially if you have dry & sensitive skin. Oils are less irritating and do not keep your skin feeling heavy or greasy.

It’s extremely important to choose the best oil cleanser for your skin, to ensure that your skin’s oil stays intact at all times.

How Does Cleansing Oil Cleanse Skin?

Most people assume cleansing oil will leave your skin feeling extra oily and greasy, but that’s not the case. Oil cleansers moisturize the skin while removing dirt, makeup, and other debris, effectively. Cleansing oils work as the lipophilic solvent that attracts other oil from makeup and skin.

In short, these cleansers dissolve such oil, and the rest of the oil on the face is left for nourishment and moisturizing. They also contain emulsifiers that allow the water to cleanse the skin perfectly.

Some benefits of the oil cleansers are:

  • Easily remove makeup in one wash
  • Helps in double cleansing
  • Highly moisturizing and leaves the skin smooth and soft

How to Use Cleansing Oil on Your Skin?

If you’re already interested in using the cleansing oil on your face, then it’s time for you to give it a try.

There’s no rocket-science to use cleansing oil to wash your face. Since oil dissolves oil.

        • Rub your hands together to warm the oil and smooth it over your dry face.
        • Begin massaging your cleansing oil into your face. This will remove sunscreen, makeup, dirt, and other impurities, so there is no need to use a makeup remover or wash your face before the massage.
        • Using slow, firm motions across the skin, massage the oil deeply into your pores. Take your time and focus on your problem areas. Work the oil into your pores so that blackheads and impurities can be dissolved and steamed away.
        • Take this time to relax and release some of the stress from the day. Sit down, breathe deeply, and take your time. 
        • Pick up your washcloth and soak it in clean, steamy water. We want the water to be warm enough to soften your pores and remove the oil. Cool water will not soften your pores, nor will it remove the oil efficiently.
        • Wipe the oil gently away and rinse the washcloth well in hot, running water. Hold the washcloth to your face again, allowing it to cool. Wipe gently, rinse thoroughly, and repeat two or three more times.

It gently rubs away all makeup, oil and dirt from the skin and ensure that it stays moisturized for an extensive period of time.

However, don’t be surprised if you find you’ve unblocked an oil flow for the first few days. Once you remove the old plugs from your pores, they will begin functioning properly again. Perfect skin won’t happen overnight, and while it should take a few massages to achieve your goal, you should notice a considerable difference in your skin after the first oil cleansing massage.

The cleansing oils are perfect for all skin types so anyone can use them! Don’t think twice and get the best oil cleanser for your skin to get the best result.

When it comes to cleaning away dirt, oil cleansers are becoming the best choice. If you have dry skin, then it’s best to opt for oil cleansers. However, all skin types can take advantage of oil cleansing methods. Choose the best type of oil cleanser for your skin to ensure that your skin hydration is maintained.

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